I am a Christ-follower. I am nothing, nothing without Him. And each day, I live in the wonder and awe of His great grace.

I am the wife of J. We met at the beginning of my sophomore year of college, didn't date till the end of that spring semester, were engaged by June, and married in December of 2011. From dating, to engaged, to married, was a whirlwind of 8 months. We quickly learned marriage isn't easy, but by the grace of God, we have been married 5 years. Each year gets a little sweeter- he gets more handsome, we love each other more, and those vows we spoke become even more sacred to our hearts. My J is rugged, artistic, funny, kind, and godly. He leads our home with integrity and works so hard to provide us with the very best.

Almost 3 years after Mr. and Mrs. Freelen, came our first baby girl, Star. She is a two year old in every sense of the word. She is joyful and curious. Strong-willed and independent. Kind and funny. A nurturer of all living things. And a beautiful, curly-haired, reflection of God's faithfulness in my life everyday.

Nine months after the birth of Star, we found out we were expecting another baby girl. Making our girls 18 months apart. Lettie is a year old, and her big blue eyes tell you a story without even a noise from her mouth. She is happy and expressive. She studies faces and sticks out her lip when she's made her final decision, and absolutely adores her big sister, following close behind every chance she gets.

Thankfully, I get to spend everyday being a stay-at-home wife and mama. When I am not folding clothes, changing diapers, cooking meals or searching for the elusive paci, I am a photographer and social media manager. All the photos on this site have been taken by me, unless stated otherwise. If you'd like to view some my work, check out my photos page.

My husband and I have renovated two homes south of Fort Worth, and really love the process. The home we have now is a dream for us. It isn't huge by the world's standards, the bathrooms are still needing to be renovated, and my porch is never clean, thanks to my animals. But it is a place of big trees, a small creek, and the most incredible golden hour. In the mornings, our rooster greets the sun, and on summer evenings we are serenaded by the crickets and bullfrogs nearby. Occasionally, I will share about the work we have done on our home, and I soon hope to post a house tour (whenever it's clean!).

I am a lover of Mexican food, the crisp feeling of fall, the way Coke fizzes down my throat on a hot summer day, Wednesdays spent in pjs, donut run Saturdays, cleaning Thursdays, seasonal celebrations, decorating my home, Volcano candles, a bright bouquet of flowers, cooking, binge watching Friends, reading by the fire, friendships with people from all walks of life, the Texas Tech Red Raiders, spending my days with my incredible family, seeking "hygge", and capturing this beautiful journey through words and photos.